Welcome - Bienvenidos to ¡VivaFest!

San Jose’s annual fiesta celebrating “la vida Latino” – the heritage, music, cuisine, arts and beauty of Mexico. During the month of September experience the best in Mexico’s heritage arts – from mariachi to rock and roll, salsa to sones, and spanning pre-Columbian to modern times there’s something for everyone to discover. Find your inner mariachi at our mariachi educational music and dance workshops, try the best locally produced Mexican food in the Bay Area at our free outdoor event or be transported at our annual musical spectacular featuring (literally) a cast of hundreds!

There is nothing like San Jose’s Mexican Heritage Festival – entonces, pásale – come in!

Welcome to our house – the Bay Area’s hometown fiesta of living.

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Silicon Valley Artists Need IP Protection, Too

The arts and entertainment scene in Silicon Valley is vibrant, innovative, and most of all, entertaining and commercially viable. But in a region that is envied all over the world for its technology entrepreneurship, our regional artists and entertainers often get short shrift when it comes to pro- tecting and monetizing their intellectual property. The IP protection issues that arise in the arts are analogous to those that arise in software development — copyright, trademark, service mark, for example. And while the entire legal infrastructure of Silicon Valley has developed to protect technology-related rights, all too often the soft IP of local, talented artists goes unprotected. Continue reading