Event FAQ

1. What is ¡VivaFest!?
¡VivaFest! is a new name for a 20 year tradition – the San Jose Mexican Heritage and Mariachi Festival. We combined two words – “viva” and “festival” to create a new way to celebrate the joy, beauty and heritage of Latino culture – ¡VivaFest!

2. That sounds cool! Tell me about the festival – what’s the 411?
The Festival is produced by the Mexican Heritage Corporation annually in September in San Jose. It’s a destination event that showcases the best in Latino music, theatre, film, and visual arts with educational music and dance workshops and community conversations. There’s nothing like it anywhere else in the nation – and something for everyone, adults and kids, music lovers and film aficionados, theatre mavens and folks interested in Mexican heritage crafts and the visual arts.

3. How do I find it?
Our festival is an event without walls or borders – we present in many venues in downtown San Jose so check our schedule for locations for each event.

4. How much are tickets for the outdoor festival?
Tickets are free!

5. Who will be performing at the outdoor festival?
Everyone from local mariachis to nationally renowned artists! Check out our lineup!

6. What other activities will there be at the outdoor festival?
Family craft activities, vendors selling authentic Mexican art, delicious Mexican food, and much more!

7. I’m a vendor and I’d like to have a booth at the outdoor festival. Who do I contact about that?
Thanks for your interest in the festival. Please call Terry Alderete at 510-436-6672 or 510-648-2337.

8. Where can I get hotel information?
We have great travel deals at many terrific hotel properties – check our travel page for information on deals and locations.

9. How do we buy concert tickets?
Tickets may be purchased online starting this summer at Ticketmaster or at the box office at HP Pavilion for our Gala Concert.

10. How do we register for Workshops?
Registration is available online here.

11. Are there late fees that apply to registrations?
Yes, late fees apply so register early!

12. Where can I find information about the artists in this year’s festival?
Just visit our Press Room for press kits and website links for all of our great artists.

13. Who do I contact for more information or to schedule an interview?
Thanks for your interest in the festival! Just contact Jill Arnone of The Arnone Group at (408) 315-5121 or by email at jilla@thearnonegroup.com

14. I’m interested in becoming a sponsor of the festival. Who should I contact?
Thanks for your interest in the festival! Please call Marcela Davison Aviles at (408) 920-6071 or email her at mdaviles@mhcviva.org

15. Who can we call for information?
Call 1-877-MHC-VIVA (1-877-642-8482) for information.

  • Lila Resized 4

    Concerts - 2013:
    Lila Downs

  • Mariachi Featured

    VivaFest! Film Series @ theTech Museum IMAX Theatre - 2013:
    The Mariachi Movement in the United States

  • Escaramuza Featured

    VivaFest! Film Series @ theTech Museum IMAX Theatre - 2013:
    Escaramuza: Riding from the Heart

  • Latino Americans Featured

    VivaFest! Film Series @ theTech Museum IMAX Theatre - 2013:
    Latino Americans – a new PBS series

  • Centenario-Posada-Exhibit-Featured

    Special Events - 2013:
    A Centenario Posada Exhibition

  • sistema-bomb-Featured

    Music - 2013:
    Sistema Bomb

  • La-Santa-Cecilia-1-Featured

    Music - 2013:
    La Santa Cecilia

  • carla-morrison-Featured

    Music - 2013:
    Carla Morrison

  • Kinky-2-Featured

    Music - 2013:

  • Kinky-1-Featured

    Concerts - 2013:
    Kinky Plus Carla Morrison / La Santa Cecilia / Sistema Bomb

  • KBrothers-Featured

    Music - 2013:
    Kavanaugh Brothers

  • OCraven-Featured

    Music - 2013:

  • Grupo-Mono-Blanco2-Featured

    Music - 2013:
    Grupo Mono Blanco

  • Grupo-Mono-Blanco-Featured

    Concerts - 2013:
    Ireland Meets Mexico in a Musical Tribute to the San Patricio Brigade

  • Mariachi-Sol-De-Mexico-Featured

    Music - 2013:
    Mariachi Sol de Mexico

  • FernandoDeLaMora2-Featured

    Music - 2013:
    Fernando de la Mora – Tenor

  • Sept-7-Featured

    Concerts - 2013:
    A Tribute to the Songbook of Romantic Mexico

  • Dr. Adriana Ayala

    Film & Community Conversations - 2013:
    Dr. Adriana Ayala

  • HMM2012-Featured

    Film & Community Conversations - 2013:
    Dr. Humberto Morales

  • Reyna-Grande-Featured

    Film & Community Conversations - 2013:
    Reyna Grande

  • Cardenes-Featured

    Music - 2013:
    Maestro Andrés Cárdenes

  • Graciela_Tiscareno-Sato-Featured

    Film & Community Conversations - 2013:
    Graciela Tiscareño-Sato

  • Latinnovating-Feature

    Special Events - 2013:
    A Conversation with Author of “Latinnovating,” Graciela Tiscareño-Sato

  • Cardenes-Featured

    Special Events - 2013:
    A Conversation and Violin Master Class with Maestro Andrés Cárdenes

  • Reyna-Grande-Featured

    Special Events - 2013:
    A Conversation with National Book Critics Nominee Reyna Grande

  • HMM2012-Featured

    Special Events - 2013:
    From the Battlefield to the Plaza

  • Calpulli Tonalehqueh

    Dance - 2013:
    Calpulli Tonalehqueh

  • Folklórico Dance Workshops

    Festival Workshops - 2013:
    Folklórico Dance Workshops

  • September15-Featured

    Concerts - 2013:
    ¡VivaFest!/El Grito (FREE!)

  • Music & Dance Workshops

    Festival Workshops - 2013:
    Music Workshops

  • Los Lupeños

    Dance - 2013:
    Los Lupeños

  • Mariachi Azteca

    Music - 2013:
    Mariachi Azteca