Education FAQ

1. How much does it cost to attend the Workshops?

Violin, Vihuela, Guitarron, Guitarra, Trompeta, Voz AND Folklorico $60

2. Where can we get hotel information?
The festival will not be contracting with any specific area hotel.   Please check our travel page for information on local hotels.

3. How do we register?
Easy registration is available online here.

4. Are there late fees that apply to registrations?
No.  Registration will remain open and at $60 until the day of the event.  HOWEVER, early registrants will receive email information that will enhance their festival experience.

5. How much experience do I need to attend the educational workshops?
We ask that all students attending the workshops with Mariachi Cobre and José Tena have at least one year of experience dancing or playing their instrument.

6. Does my experience have to be in mariachi?
No! If you play an instrument already and are interesting in learning how to play it in a mariachi context, please feel free to register for our workshops.

7. What will I need to bring to the workshops?
We ask that students bring their own instruments, as well as concert attire – white shirt or blouse and dark pants or skirt for instrumentalists, Jalisco for dancers.

8. What performance opportunities are there associated with the Workshops?
Workshop students will perform at the Recital Concert on Sunday, January 15 at 3pm at the Mexican Heritage Plaza Theater.

10. Who can I contact for more information?
Please write to