Juventino Mejia, Jr.

July 31, 2014
9:00am - 3:00pm

A 2006 graduate in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Juventino Mejia Jr., is an software programmer at InMobi and a professional mariachi, performing with Oakland’s Mariachi Mi Tierra Linda. His recent innovations include a new software program that easily maps the fingering and notation for the various chords of the vihuela and other acoustic instruments.

Juventino Mejia Jr is locally recognized as the Bay Area’s Mariachi Geek because he has found a way to combine his two true passions; Mariachi and Engineering. Growing up, Juventino was known for his hard work and dedication to achieving his dream. He attended one of America’s most selective schools, MIT, where he completed his Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Juventino knew Engineering was for him when he realized Mathematics and Physics came almost intuitively to him.

Aside from furthering his passion in the sciences, Juventino also entertained the opportunity to remain culturally connected to his raises Mexicanas by joining MIT’s student based Mariachi group. Coming from the Central Valley, born and raised in Mendota California, Juventino found that playing the vihuela fueled his resilience to finishing college strong and thus making his community and family proud. Looking back, playing mariachi for Juventino while being away from home was like celebrating the struggles his hardworking parents endured while working in the fields.

Juventino is currently an Engineer for InMobi (a global mobile advertising network company) and the co-founder and lead representative of one of the Bay Area’s most popular mariachis, Mariachi mi Tierra Linda. It is no surprise that even though Mariachi Mi Tierra Linda has been around for three years it is recognized as one of the Bay Area’s best; Juventino’s computer saviness and his ability to engage other talented musicians, has “coded” this mariachi to lead in top internet search engines.

In his workshop, Juventino will discuss his vision for combining his two passions; Engineering and Music. He will also talk about how these two disciplines inspire programming that drive solutions to the promotion of Mariachi Music.

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