October 25th, 2014

MINERVA is a Bay Area alternative rock band performing original music and unique rock covers. MINERVA was conceived by (drummer) David Carrasco Petrovich and (guitarist) Mauricio Cavero Alprecht, late in 2012. Both raised on American rock and roll while growing up in Peru. They came in with the dream of creating an original rock infused latin spiced rhythm, with a blueish, funky sound.

MINERVA so named for the patron goddess of music and the Arts. Ironically, it wasn’t until after (lead singer) Rebecca “Minerva” Leon, joined the band, did they realize that her name is Minerva. With Minerva’s fated lead singer and her strong mezzo soprano voice, she delivers a rich, captivating, effortless, octave range vocal-performance. The dirty melodic tones of (Maurico’s) lead guitar, along with the funky bass styling of (Jose “Star” Estrella), bringing his old school Latin rock influence of Bay Areas own Santana, War and Malo and rounded out, with the heavy hitting drums (David Carrasco Petrovich) delivers a smooth rhythm, lending to MINERVA’s unique sound. As of July 2014, MINERVA is in process of recording their 5th and 6th original song.

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